Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • Why should I use this service?

    The goal of any business is to maximize the efficiency of its assets, including employees, yet almost every business is impacted by fluctuating workloads that impair this objective. Further, turnover of staff is expensive and disruptive, yet layoffs and hiring are often seen as the only options to balance staffing to workload. Colergo is a simple, on-line platform that allows you to both offer excess staff hours on a temporary basis when times are slower or borrow staff when you are busy from a qualified industry peer. By using the service you can maximize utilization of your staff, break the expensive cycle of layoff/hiring, and have confidence in the quality of staff borrowed and the safety and security of staff lent.

    As an employee, you should want to be listed on Colergo! Companies that use Colergo are committed to maintaining your employment, even when times are slow. Further, by working at other companies through Colergo you will gain skills, experience, and industry contacts that you might never have obtained before.

  • How does the service work?

    Colergo is not a staffing agency. Colergo is a peer-to-peer platform where companies connect with one another to sell or purchase the time of fully employed individuals. Colergo was created to address inefficiencies in the traditional staffing model. Virtually all businesses are confronted with a steady staffing level and a fluctuating business cycle. Colergo offers businesses the ability to convert from the traditional static staffing model to a dynamic staffing model that adapts to the demands of the business cycle without sacrificing the quality of their goods or services. We do this via an on-line platform that allows businesses to find and purchase qualified staff hours when busy, and confidently sell excess staff hours when slower. You can use Colergo in confidence knowing that your interests are protected by clear and restrictive terms and conditions applying to all users of the site.

    By registering your company with Colergo, your Company becomes a registered “Employer” (i.e., you have the ability to post your employees on Colergo and sell their excess time) and a registered “Client” (i.e., you can purchase the excess time of other Employers’ employees)

  • Am I hiring the employee or just renting?

    The beauty of Colergo is that you are not hiring the employee, just purchasing their time from their employer.

  • What is the difference between a Daily Assignment and an Ongoing Assignment?

    Colergo offers two different assignment types: Daily Assignments (including Partial Day Assignments) and Ongoing Assignments. Daily and Partial Day Assignments involve purchasing specific blocks of an employee’s time on a specified day or days. Ongoing Assignments involve purchasing a capped number of hours during a given week. The employee can work and bill up to that capped number of hours during that week as necessary to complete the assignment. Ongoing Assignments continue on a weekly basis until cancelled by one of the parties.

  • Where is the employee’s reporting location for an assignment?

    Clients may specify the employee’s reporting location as: (i) the Client’s offices, (ii) a job site (e.g. a construction site), or (iii) remote (e.g., the employee can provide services remotely from the Employer’s normal reporting location). The specific reporting location will be included in the Client’s proposal submitted to the Employer.

  • What do I do if I am unsatisfied with the employee? Can I cancel the assignment?

    There is always the chance the match turns out to be not exactly what you wanted. In this case, as the client your only obligation is for the first day and you can cancel the remaining assignment without penalty (see terms and conditions). For Daily Assignments, either the Client or Employer can cancel the assignment without incurring any fees if the cancellation takes place 24 hours prior to its initial start time; or, if the assignment has already begun, the remainder of the assignment can be cancelled with 12 hours notice and the Client will not be charged any additional amounts. For Ongoing Assignments, the Client may cancel at any time and will only be responsible for time already worked by the employee.

    Colergo uses a rating/feedback system, and we encourage all users of Colergo to fully participate and make the site stronger for everyone.

  • Can I hire the employee if I like them?

    As a practical matter, no Employer would list good employees on Colergo if they thought that employees were subject to hiring by a Client without the payment of reasonable compensation. Therefore, if a Client hires an employee listed on Colergo, our terms of service require the Client pay a placement fee equal to 150% of the employee’s salary, which is shared between the Employer (2/3) and Colergo (1/3).

    In the event that an employee leaves the Employer for any reason during or after the assignment, there is a 12 month tail period from the last assignment date where the Client must pay the fee to hire the employee.

  • Is there a chance to review/approve the assignment before committing?

    Yes, before accepting any assignment the Client and Employer both have the opportunity to review and accept the assignment before it is final. Users of the site should clearly identify any special conditions or other aspects of the assignment that would be relevant to this decision.

  • How does the rating system work? Will people be able to identify my rating?

    The Colergo system is simple and easy, and gives Clients a chance to anonymously rate employees utilized on a 1 to 5 scale. Only when an individual employee has three ratings will the average rating be shown, eliminating the possibility that anyone can determine a specific Client’s rating of a specific employee.

  • What about Intellectual Property (IP)? Is my pre-existing IP protected? Who owns IP created during the course of an assignment?

    In most cases we anticipate assignments will not involve the transfer, disclosure or use of any important intellectual property (IP), assignments will typically be completed using general knowledge, practices and information that are commonly available and used in the industry. If you have specific confidential IP that you need to introduce to an employee in connection with an assignment, you are protected by Colergo’s terms and conditions. However, we strongly recommend that you limit the disclosure of important IP and clearly disclose to any employee with whom IP is shared that it is subject to confidentiality.

    In the case of IP developed during the course of an assignment, ownership rests with the Client. Employers and employees specifically disclaim all ownership rights with respect to IP developed in the course of any assignment.


Payment Options

  • How does the timecard work?

    For Daily Assignments, Colergo does not utilize timecards. For Ongoing Assignments, the employee must enter the amount of time that they worked on assignment into their Colergo electronic timecard. We strongly recommend that employee’s complete their electronic timecards at the end of each workday.


Working Conditions or Liabilities

  • Am I liable for the actions of the employee while working for me?

    Yes, while working on assignment for you all actions and activities in the course of work are your responsibility.

  • What is covered by the charges for the employees?

    The fee covers all salaries, benefits, workers’ compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, and Colergo fees associated with the borrowed employee’s time. The Client will not be responsible for any additional amounts relating to the employee’s time. However, depending on the nature of the assignment, the Client may be responsible for additional approved costs, expenses, or fees necessary to complete the assignment. There are no hidden fees or charges.

  • What if my employee feels working conditions are unsafe or otherwise not acceptable?

    All employees, at any time, can stop work if they feel conditions are unsafe or unacceptable in any way. The employee is to report such conditions to their assignment supervisor, as well as Colergo and their Employer, immediately. If conditions cannot be immediately resolved to all parties’ satisfaction the assignment is over and any minimum charges apply. Resolution of disputes airing out of stopped work is subject to the terms and conditions of use.

  • Have the employees been screened or background checked?

    Colergo does not provide background checks or otherwise evaluate employees offered on the site with the exception of providing a rating system consistent with the terms of service. It is possible that their current Employer has done so, but if screening is required prior to a specific assignment then such requirement should be identified in the special conditions.


Technical Issues

  • How do I pay/get paid?

    For Daily Assignments, the Client’s credit or debit card will be charged one day in advance of each day upon which an employee provides services.

    For Ongoing Assignments, the Client’s credit or debit card will be charged for eight hours of the employee’s when the Client’s proposal is accepted. Thereafter, the Client will be charged for the employee’s time within 24 hours of the employee submitting a timecard.

    Colergo will hold funds for up to 10 business days prior to disbursing payment to Employers.

  • How are prices determined?

    Employers establish the prices they desire for their employees, and Colergo applies its service fee. The rates shown on the web site are inclusive of all Employer and Colergo fees.

  • What if conditions change during the assignment?

    If during the assignment conditions change, for example if over-time is required on a specific assignment, then Colergo should be contacted to negotiate acceptable conditions between Clients and Employers. The web site should be able to handle all routine assignments, but individual support is available for special or changed conditions.

  • What do I do if I have technical issues with the web site?

    Contact support at or (619) 736-0169.

  • What if I don’t agree with the charges that are made to my account?

    Contact contract support at or (619) 736-0169.

  • Is there a feedback mechanism for Colergo overall?

    Colergo is a new and innovative site, and we are anxious for feedback. Please send e-mail or call us at or (619) 736-0169.