Client Rules of Conduct


If a Client accepts Services from an Employee, then such Client agrees to conform to these Client Rules of Conduct.  These Rules of Conduct incorporate all terms, conditions, rules, policies, and guidelines on the Site, including the Terms of Service.  Capitalized terms not defined herein are defined in the Terms of Service, or have the meanings given such terms on the Site.  If at any time an Employee provides Services to a Client and such Client fails to conform to these Rules of Conduct, such Client shall immediately notify the relevant Employer of such failure.

1.      Disability Accommodation

Reasonable accommodation shall be made available by Client to all Employees in accordance with federal and state law.

2.      Equal Employment Opportunity

Client shall take all other actions necessary to ensure equal employment opportunity for all persons in accordance with the ADA and all other applicable federal, state, and local laws.

3.      Sexual Harassment Policy 

Sexual harassment of any Employee by any employee, officer, independent contractor or other agent of Client is prohibited. Client shall have a zero-tolerance policy with respect to the harassment of any person providing services to Client on the basis of sex. While it is not easy to define precisely what harassment is, this certainly includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, such as uninvited touching or sexual comments. Harassment also includes but is not limited to, the creation of a hostile environment resulting from gender-based unwelcome conduct of supervisors, co-workers, customers, vendors, or anyone else with whom the victimized person interacts on the job.

4.      Meal Periods

Hourly (or Non-Exempt) Employees working over 5 hours in any day must be provided a 30-minute unpaid meal break before the 5.5 hour mark of the Employee’s workday. If such an Employee is working less than 6 hours in one day, he/she may waive his/her meal break. The waiver must be written and approved by both Client and the Employee.  

Hourly (or Non-Exempt) Employees working over 10 hours are to have a second unpaid 30-minute meal break unless they are working less than 12 hours and such meal is waived by both Client and the Employee in writing.  Hourly (or Non-Exempt) Employees working over 12 hours must take the second meal break.

5.      Break Periods

Hourly (or Non-Exempt) Employees working (i) 3.5 hours in a day must be provided a 15 minute rest break; (ii) between 6 and 10 hours in a day must be provided two 15 minute rest breaks; and (iii) between 10 and 14 hours in a day must be provided three 15 minute rest breaks.  These rest break times shall be paid and Client shall use its reasonable best efforts to ensure Hourly (or Non-Exempt) Employees avail themselves of these break periods.   

6.      Overtime

Client shall not require or allow any Employee to work more than 8 hours in any given workday without the prior written consent of the Employer.

7.      Safety Procedures

Client shall comply with all health and safety laws and shall immediately report any accident or injury concerning an Employee to Employer; maintain a safe working environment for Employees; provide workplace safety training in compliance with state and federal occupational health and safety (OSHA) standards; establish and maintain such illness and injury prevention programs, safety policies, and safety committees as may be required by law; and provide and ensure use of all personal protection gear and equipment as required by law or as deemed necessary by Employer’s workers’ compensation carrier.