About Colergo

Colergo is not a staffing agency. Colergo is a peer-to-peer platform where companies connect with one another to sell or purchase the time of fully employed individuals. Employees available through Colergo are typically of a higher caliber and possess more specialized skillsets than those available through traditional staffing firms.

Colergo’s mission is to increase workplace efficiency and access to higher quality temporary staff for our users while increasing the likelihood that employees can maintain full-time employment. Colergo was created to address inefficiencies in the traditional staffing model. Virtually all businesses are confronted with a steady staffing level and a fluctuating business cycle. If businesses staff to meet the peaks of their workload, they take on unnecessary payroll expenses during the slower periods and if they staff to the valleys, they may not be able to meet demand during the peaks or be forced to compromise the quality of their deliverables.

Colergo offers businesses the ability to convert from the traditional static staffing model to a dynamic staffing model that adapts to the demands of the business cycle without sacrificing the quality of their goods or services. We do this via an on-line platform that allows businesses to find and purchase qualified staff hours when busy, and confidently sell excess staff hours when slower. You can use Colergo in confidence knowing that your interests are protected by clear and restrictive terms and conditions applying to all users of the site.