Meeting Client Challenges

Meeting client challenges

If you are a business leader in a service industry such as engineering, accounting or legal you realize that your client workload will always vary.  Whether it is a new project, a big audit, or a challenging legal case it is a safe bet that there will be times when you struggle to meet the demands of your client.

Traditionally there were only three ways to get around the workload surge and still meet client expectations:

  1. Hire staff when needed. This works-if you can find quality staff!  Unfortunately, the reality is in today’s modern world having a trained and qualified workforce is a major concern to most industries.  The idea that there is a large pool of qualified employees, just waiting to be hired, is just not realistic.
  1. Work people harder. Many people feel this is the best solution, since you already have existing staff and in theory you can get more hours without increasing costs significantly.  Unfortunately, reality again intrudes on this illusion.  In today’s competitive world most firms are already running lean without much excess capacity.  Further, experience shows that most employees are happy to pitch in to help out, but how many people want to sign up for a couple of months of 70+ hour work weeks?
  1. Beg the client for more time! Obviously working with a client to find a schedule for mutual benefit is a solid strategy, and sometimes it works out.  However, often the clients have their own schedule challenges, and there isn’t much flexibility to be had.  Sometimes you have to figure out a way to meet deadlines that are set in stone!

So what else can a business leader do?  Fortunately, there is a revolutionary new concept: Colergo!  Colergo is the first online marketplace for peer firms to share staff.   Using an easy to use interface, and standard terms and conditions, firms can quickly and easily find available and qualified staff for temporary assignment.  Whether it is one person, or a large group of individuals, Colergo can be used to find individuals to meet your project needs.

Further, because the staff are coming from peer firms there is a higher degree of confidence in the skills, abilities and quality of staff. Staff obtained from a peer firm through Colergo can typically be quickly and easily added to your project teams.  Finally, because Colergo comes with set terms and conditions, and easy payment methods, there is no delay negotiating contracts, agreements or other items between firms, meaning you get staff right away to meet pressing needs.

Using Colergo can be a powerful tool to meet workload demands, and help you successfully meet your client and project demands.  Click here to go to Colergo and see how easy it is to find quality staff and put them to work.

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